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PDP In Chaos, Preparing To Deceive Judges- Keyamo

Festus Keyamo, the spokesman for the disbanded APC Presidential Campaign Council, chastised the opposition PDP on Sunday night for attempting to influence the judiciary ahead of Monday’s hearing at the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal.

This development comes after the PDP accused the ruling party of hurriedly trying to sway the panel’s decision.

At a press conference led by its national publicity secretary, Mr. Debo Ologunagba, the opposition party stated the accusations.

According to the PDP image maker, the APC is planning to undermine the court by using strong financial incentives and fabricated claims of improper behavior against judicial officials.

In a statement released in Abuja in response to the assertion, Keyamo revealed that the PDP is gaining sympathy before the hearing on Monday by employing cheap blackmail and reverse psychology.

“The PDP press conference today, making all kinds of allegations regarding an alleged APC plot to sway the Court’s decision in the Presidential Election Petitions, over which hearings would begin tomorrow in Abuja, is nothing but hot air,” he claimed.

“While their legal challenges are still pending, PDP and its sibling corporation, the LP, have been funding surrogates to speak out’ against the results of the generally free and fair 2023 Presidential elections. That is contempt of court, and it is within our rights to rectify the false impressions being presented to Nigerians and the rest of the world about the elections. It’s funny how they interpret that as an “attack.”

In actuality, the PDP and LP’s Siamese twins—we all witnessed Obi bowing before Atiku yesterday in Yenagoa—are the ones issuing covert threats to our judiciary and judicial officers, either directly or through their proxies in civil society, religious circles, or labor unions. Therefore, they are engaging in “reverse psychology” by pretentiously raising this so-called alarm.

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Tinubu’s Shocking Promise To Tackle Corruption- PDP

“INEC has filed their answers in court defending those statements of the winners as correct in all the States where the PDP won and the LP also won (both Senate, Governorship and the others). The uneducated should be informed that INEC has a legal obligation to uphold its declarations in court.

The uneducated should be made aware that INEC has a legal obligation to uphold its court declarations, and that what it is doing in the instance of the APC in the Presidential Election Petition is not unusual. They ought to have questioned INEC about supporting them in the states where they prevailed.

“Today’s panicked press conference is obviously an attempt by the PDP to pander to the crowd. It has resorted to cheap and emotional coercion rather than appearing in court tomorrow to begin presenting its case. The accusations are naive, unsubstantiated, and unsupported. Please dismiss them with a hand wave from Nigerians.

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