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Food Combinations You Should Never Store Together

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The science of food pairing can be challenging and perplexing. It is a method of combining dishes depending on the tastes and hues of their constituent parts. To keep foods from getting contaminated or altering flavor, it is best to store them in various locations, advises Healthline.
1. Fresh fruits and Vegetables
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Never keep fresh fruits and vegetables and raw meats together while preserving food. There’s a danger that the fruit will cause the meat go bad and the meat will damage the flavor of the vegetables.
2. Diary and Eggs
Keep Your Dairy and Egg Products Safe
Dairy and eggs are other food pairings that shouldn’t be kept in the same storage container.
This is due to the possibility that the eggs will taint the dairy products with a strong odor. Additionally, dairy products should never be kept in the same refrigerator as fatty items. To keep certain meal pairings fresh, you must store them separately. Raw meat and cooked food should never be stored together.
3. Carrots and Apples
Carrots and Apple Slices
Fruits and vegetables should never be kept in the same container. Carrots may become wilted if you keep them in the refrigerator with apples. This is due to the fast deterioration of veggies caused by the natural sugars in fruits.
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4. Tomatoes and Carbonated beverages
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When acidic foods like tomatoes or lemon juice are stored combined with carbonated beverages, they can cause some pretty severe and occasionally hazardous responses. The drink’s carbon dioxide gas reacts with the food’s acid. When storing, never mix chocolate and onions.
5. Onions and Chocolate
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Onions are a savory cuisine with a powerful flavor, while chocolate is a sweet food. The two together make the chocolate taste harsh and the onion taste overpowering.
6. Red meat and Fish
Meat and fish: benefits and properties
Since red meat and fish have different pH levels, they should never be stored together. To prevent the wetness from one meal from contaminating the other, it is preferable to wrap these foods in paper towels before storing them.
Fruits and vegetables should always be kept in the refrigerator’s crisper drawer. This prevents the destruction of the fruits by the veggies and vice versa.
7. Beans and Rice
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Beans and rice, nuts and seeds, and potatoes and bread are some foods that you should never store together. This is so that the other foods won’t deteriorate because they all have different water contents. Cross-contamination may occur if you store them in the same container.
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