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Islamic teacher sentenced to death for defiling eight students


For abusing and sexually assaulting eight students, one Adam Farouk, a clergyman, was sentenced to eight times his life in prison.

The clergyman was found guilty and given a sentence on Tuesday for defiling the students in his class, who ranged in age from six to eleven, by an Ikeja Sexual Offenses and Domestic Violence Court.

According to NAN, Justice Abiola Soladoye ruled that the prosecution had established the elements of the eight-count sexual assault allegation by penetration allegation against the cleric beyond a reasonable doubt.

The priest, according to Soladoye, is morally lacking and a disgrace to the Islamic faith, and the court did not fall for his lies.

She claimed that the students’ testimony was verified since they named the cleric as their teacher who had used his index finger to pierce their genitalia.

For abusing and sexually assaulting eight students, one Adam Farouk, a clergyman, was sentenced to eight times life in prison.

The 10th prosecution witness, Mrs. Oluchi Nwoke-Okoi, a midwife with the Women at Risk International Foundation (WARIF), testified that the students suffered vaginal injuries, according to Soladoye’s ruling.

The judge further ruled that the defendant asked the students to turn around while he violated each one of them individually.

“The defendant’s demeanor is not very noteworthy,” she remarked. He has a stony countenance that appears playful; he is incredibly cruel and brutal, fingering his students.

“What an Islamic teacher who exploited underprivileged pupils and played pranks on their purity and decency!

“He is supposed to instill principles, rules, and values in his kids, but sadly, the opposite happened.

“Our students’ safety and dignity must be respected.” His kind of filthy Islamic lecturers must be imprisoned and made to pay for their filthy sexual transgressions.

The sentences will run concurrently, but the defendant is found guilty on all counts and given a life term on each of the eight offenses.

The convict’s name was also ordered to be entered into Lagos State’s Sexual Offenders Register by the judge.

“We must respect the safety and dignity of our students.” His kind of filthy Islamic professors needs to be punished for their filthy sexual transgressions and imprisoned.

The penalties for the eight crimes will run simultaneously, but the defendant is hereby found guilty on all counts and given a life sentence on each of them.

The judge also mandated that the convict’s name be entered on the Lagos State Sexual Offenders Register.





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