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Lawyer Writes King Charles Pleading For Ekweremadu’s Mercy.

Ike Ekweremadu and his wife Beatrice have been convicted by a British court, and a lawyer, Kayode Ajulo, has written to King Charles III begging for a prerogative of mercy on their behalf.

Kayode Ajulo made the request in a letter to King Charles III, which he on Saturday made available to newsmen in Abuja.

An Old Bailey Court sentenced Ike, his wife, and their physician, Obinna Obeta, to nine years, four years, and ten years in prison, respectively, for breaking British kidney donation and transplant rules.

“Your Majesty, while I was inspired by your coronation, I saw the same thing with conflicted feelings.

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UK Court Sentence Ekweremadu, Wife To Prison

“Ekweremadu and his wife have been found guilty and given the appropriate sentences, and I beg you kindly and mercifully to invoke the Royal Prerogative of Mercy in the couple’s favor,” he stated.

Kayode Ajulo characterized the history of Ekweremadu and his wife as a depressing one that left a bad aftertaste.

Kayode Ajulo said that the parents’ activity was a “desperate” attempt to preserve their daughter Sonia’s life.

According to Ajulo, the woman in question needed a kidney transplant badly, but sadly, her parents and their doctor handled the situation in the nastiest of ways.

He explained that Ekweremadu might have decided not to openly advertise for a kidney donor in order to stay away from con artists who might unfairly profit from his daughter’s illness.

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