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Nigerian Parents Must Demonstrate Commitment To Girl-Child Education’.

Khuraira Musa, a Nigerian author living in the US, has given parents advice on how to demonstrate their devotion to educate their children, particularly the girl child.
The author provided the advise on Wednesday during a press conference announcing the Saturday in Abuja publication launch of her book, “The Audacity of an African Girl.”
Khuraira Musa, the well-known makeup artist who has more than 25 years of expertise, claimed that education was the key to her success.
She said that the nation’s large number of out-of-school children should not be attributed to the government.
Jebbu-Bassa, the founder of Zainab Memorial School, asserted that the government has little or no influence over one’s future.
“The government has no authority over what you should be,” she remarked. I didn’t even know what government was when I was in Ruga. My parents encouraged me in my desire to pursue a degree.
“So, not everything can be attributed to the government; I’m not saying it’s perfect; but you have to desire something really really and your parents have to push you. Everything must begin at home.
“The parents are not doing their part, which is why occasionally there are issues with the government. So instead of blaming the government, why don’t we start by looking at the parents?
“How would the government know if I told Aunt Zainab I was going to school and she advised me to stay at home and sell Nono? How is it possible that the government is to responsible for my inability to go to school? Added Ms. Khuraira.
Speaking about the book, the author—who is also the creator of the capacity-building Arewa Development Support Initiative (ADSI), which has presences in all 19 Northern states—said that the book was inspired by her wish to share her own narrative.
The Audacity of an African Girl is the tale of the incredible power of the human spirit, the author claimed.
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It reflects my own path from a young girl living in a Fulani hamlet in northern Nigeria to the pinnacle of achievement and wealth in New York.
The book amuses, disturbs, and most importantly motivates readers to challenge themselves and achieve their highest potential.
“It shows the strength of how the deck was stacked against me and how, despite numerous ominous setbacks, I was able to prevail through bravery and tenacity.
When life is in a tumultuous state, the narrative stands out among those from Africa that offer stories of hope.
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