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Mixed Reactions Trail Nigerian Undergraduate that Scores 5.00 CGPA To Become Vice-Chancellor


Mixed reactions from Nigerians have continues to trail the emergence of Miss Kaitlin Akwada who made a perfect 5.00 CGPA and was made a One-Day – Vice-Chancellor of Godfrey Okoye University, Enugu, Nigeria.

 It is the tradition of the university to appoint an existing student with the highest CGPA in a session to be the Vice-Chancellor for one day.

Kaitlin Akwada who ascribed her performance to her aspiration and desire said: ”The power to attract what you desire lies in your hands.”

According to her, before hitting 5.00 CGPA,  she had already written her speech a year prior in preparation for the day.

But many Nigerians have continued to express different perspectives to her achievement. While many lauded her academics feat, others faulted her institutions’ for awarding the scores.

In his reaction to this story earlier published on Lindaikeji blog, Chinedu Unanah ascribed the achievement to hard work. He said: ”What a lovely and mighty achievement. Hard work pays, just put in the work Congrats miss.

For a graduate of Ahmadu Bello University who identified himself as Anonymous, wrote: ”This can only happen in a private university, lol.

”In our time when no private universities, besides endless strikes, the lecturers were evil most especially Ahmadu Bello University ABU engineering faculty. while there, there had been no first-class in the last twenty years.

”Making a second class upper was a very very big deal. lecturers would deliberately fail you so you don’t make that first class, even if you get all exam questions correct throughout your stay.

”It was a popular saying then that a third class in ABU was equivalent to second class upper in other universities, ABU Engineering graduates in the nineties can confirm this.

”In fact once you live that place most never want to come back for a visit some sadistic lecturers there take evil delight in ensuring only a few pass their courses, by the time you carry over three times they may pity.

”I feel like calling their names. Many third-class and pass graduates are currently doing well in their profession employers in the north understands this and give students who finished with poor grades an opportunity to work.

”I hope the school is better now and those set of lecturers fired. It’s no wonder Senator Dino Melaye finished with a third class. That said I finished with second class lower, it could have been better if not for those agents of darkness called lecturers there.”

Speaking in the same vein, another anonymous wrote: ”It’s time public universities start dishing out this first-class… they deliberately make it impossible for students to get it. What we see here with the private universities is the same thing that happens with private secondary schools… Pass them with a good score because there they pay. BTW… VC’s office looks like a supermarket or a grotto.”

”Hmm. Congrats. It’s your practical credibility and street credibility that matter in this life now. Teachers of Nigeria are all corrupt in taking bribes and juices for grades. Come back in 5 years time to tell us how your professional life goes. Linked is your best shot of self-gratification. Remember, do not be too excited or sad in this life. Your chances are always 50-5o. Great grade! Congrats once again!”
”I congratulate you big time and greater you to come. If it is a Federal school I bet u, u won’t hit 5.00 I swear!. She should have told us about the course she studied. Physics is harder than any engineering course even the engineers will tell. in my school, they haven’t graduated a first-class in the physics department. One of the federal schools founded in 1988.”
”Congratulations are in order. But I can’t help but question the quality of these private universities. Is it possible for anyone to have a perfect 5.0 CGPA? Are they saying this student knows all there is to know in her sphere of study? Aren’t they setting her up for a rude shock I’m in the real world where no one is all perfect? How would she feel when she gets to the world of work and her appraisals include areas of growth and improvement. Suddenly someone that thought she is perfect suddenly get to be told she has areas of improvement to work on. In old public universities, they thread carefully on dishing out these first classes. But new ones are now like some UK universities where people get the 1st class for just turning up for the course.”
”Youtr 5.0 CGPA is doubtful because of the unknown school. It would have been more glorious if you had it in any Federal University.. Congratulations… Pls quickly apply to schools in the US for master and repeat your result print there.”
Meanwhile, many were in the opinion that she needs to be celebrated and rewarded more than other celebrities in Nigeria.
”These is the people that suppose to be our celebrities. Keep aiming high. All the best.”
Anonymous wrote:
She deserves to be celebrated more than the loads of politicians and celebrities that impose themselves on the people with their rubbish. Moreso, our women are beautiful and brilliant, they deserve more than our society is giving them. We, men, should learn to honour them more, and give them more room to be what God wants them to be.


”Dear young girls, these are the real Queens, not the BBNaija, genetically modified, prostitutes parading the Internet. I Stan a QUEEN!”

”Why denigrate her university? All you need to do is search via google and see what you come up with. This university is probably on par with better-known state institutions.”
Mr Phlegmatic wrote:
”I have to screenshot these write-ups, they are more than an inspiration, I will read this every morning before starting my day. One day I will achieve this, not inform of CGPA but inform of success in life.”
Vivian ijeoma:
”Wau! Congratulations dearie. Keep soaring higher.” Anonymous:
Good one.Faith backed with action.” Offor Stella: Congratulations” Anonymous: ”A true example of beauty and brain.”
“”All of you beefing should calm down. A CGPA of 5.0 in a semester or session is not that hard. You just have to make As in all your courses which are 70%. I had it for 2 or 3 semesters in a federal university (FUTO). What is difficult is graduating with a CGPA of 5.0, meaning you scored 70% and above in all your courses throughout your studies. Congratulations lady, you are the real queen our youths should emulate.”
For some graduates and undergraduates who appear cynical about the possibility of a student graduating with a perfect score of 5.0 CGPA, here are some Nigerian graduates with the perfect scores.
Miss Taiwo Bankole and Oyindamole Omotuyi’ from University of Lagos, UNILAG made  5.0 CGPA, in 2017. Also, Mr Ayo Dada, from University of Lagos scored the maximum 5.0 CGPA, in 2016.
At the University of Ibadan in 2019, Miss Owolabi Abibat Olayinka of the Department of Botany, Faculty of Science, scored a CGPA of 7.0.
Besides, same year, Miss Ofure Mary Ebhomielen at U.I  also graduated with a perfect CGPA of 7.0.
Twenty-five years old Lauretta Onemu in 2019 from Chrisland University, Abeokuta, Ogun State obtained 5.00 Cumulative Grade Point Average.
Moreover, Nigeria’s Oluwatuyi Olowoyeye in 2021 hit a perfect 5.0 Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) on graduation from the University of Debrecen, Hungary for his Master degree.
A Nigerian in 2021 did himself proud at a foreign university as he finished with a perfect cumulative grade point average (CGPA). The medical doctor named Justin Chukwudi Olewuezi bagged a degree from Siberian State Medical University, Tomsk in Russia with a 5.0.
In 2020, Benjamin Babalola, 22, had a perfect score of 5.00 CGPA at the Mountain Top University, Ogun State, to emerge as the overall best student of the institution in the 2018/2019 academic session.
In 2017, Miss Farida Mustafa graduated with a perfect 5.0 CGPA from the Department of Petroleum Engineering, Kuban State University of Technology, Russia.

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