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16-Month-Old Infant Killed At Bauchi School, Organs Removed

Muhammad Abidin, a 16-month-old baby, was last seen when his mother left Green Heritage College of Education in Games Village, Bauchi, to attend a lecture. He has now been discovered dead.
The grieving mother revealed to Saudatu Abdullahi of Labari Daga Bauchi that her kid was discovered dead with his eyes, nose, and mouth removed.
She said that his deceased corpse was discovered in a suck-away inside the school’s grounds after eight days of searching.
I take NCE lessons at Games Village here in Bauchi, the woman said. On Saturday, August 19, I used to go with Abidin, but I missed them since I was in the middle of an exam.
He frequently leaves the classroom to play during an exam and then comes back. I brought him back when he left the first time, but he subsequently left again without telling me.
“As soon as I was done with the test, I hurried outside to look for him. He generally played in a lot of different venues, but I couldn’t locate him there. In a different classroom, I saw his shoes hanging from a window.
“Unfortunately, he wasn’t in that classroom when I went directly there in the hopes that he would be. He was nowhere to be found despite my searching every classroom in the school.
“When I got back to our classroom, I told our instructor about the circumstances. My students and I looked everywhere around the school and in the neighborhood, including culverts, but we couldn’t locate him.
“I told the Dean of Student Affairs about the event, and she called the police station. We hadn’t seen him since that time until last Sunday, when we came across his dead corpse.
“I was shocked to learn about Abeedin’s passing. I never thought he’d go without coming back. Unfortunately, I received a call asking me to visit Abeedin’s dead body, which was already starting to rot and had certain body parts removed.
Al-Kasim, the boy’s father, described how he discovered the bones while still in mourning for his loss.
“I received a call at around 2:30 p.m. notifying me that my son was gone. I immediately reported the incident to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) in Bauchi after learning this upsetting news.
“I clung to hope that my son Abidin would be discovered alive throughout the eight-day search for him. However, I got a critical call from the school on Sunday at approximately 2:00 p.m.
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“My beloved son’s dead body was waiting for me when I got to the school. Sadly, he was no longer recognizable due to the brutal removal of his eyes, nose, and lips.
The worst anguish for Al-Kasim is not knowing whether an anesthetic was administered to his kid before the removal of these bodily parts.
Senator Bala Mohammed, the governor of Bauchi State, has commanded that the school be shut down immediately.
The Governor delivered the order after visiting the boy’s family to offer condolences and express his sorrow at the horrific murder.
“While we are grateful that private schools have been established, we will not stand by while lives are lost in their name. I’ve just told the police and ministry of education to shut down the school while we look into the situation.
“Such actions won’t be accepted by us. Although we are aware that this will have an impact on the pupils, this action is required. Parents should use particular caution. We’ll rid our society of these evil apples with your help and prayers.
That someone would simply pick up this little youngster and take bodily parts out of him is upsetting. This would not be tolerated, he declared.
The State Commissioner of Police, Awal Musa Mohamed, as well as other senior government figures, joined the Governor.
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