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32-Year-Old Man Detain For Using Fake Bank Alert to Pay For Alcohol and Sex in Hotel

Igwe Chukwudi, 32, was detained and charged in Lagos State for reportedly using a bogus bank account to pay for sex services and alcohol worth N226,000 at a well-known hotel.

According to PM Express, the incident occurred on July 2, 2023, at the Grand Park Hotel, which is situated at Segun Akinbolu Street off Ailegun Road in the Ejigbo neighbourhood of Lagos.

According to the police, the defendant went to the hotel’s club with pals, made plans with certain hotel-resident women, and bought upscale beverages such Black Label, Jameson, Red Label, Power Horse, some plastic soft drinks, and others.

However, the administration brought the cost to the amount specified after the club engagements and the services of the ladies. The suspect sent a fictitious bank alert about a sum to the hotel account using his phone.

He got into difficulties because he was unaware that the hotel administration had a procedure for checking the alert for funds that guests deposit into their accounts. The management discovered that the notice was a false when they checked it.

The suspect, Chukwudi, was arrested and held at the station for questioning on his alleged conduct after the management reported the incident to the police at the Ejigbo Division.

After thorough interrogation, the Police found him culpable and subsequently charged him before the Ejigbo Magistrate Court for the alleged offence, which attracts several years of imprisonment.

He entered a not-guilty plea at his arraignment.

Inspector Simeon Njue, the prosecutor, thereafter urged the court to grant a brief hearing adjournment so that the Police could establish that the accused truly committed the alleged crime.

The matter was continued till July 17, 2023, when the Presiding Magistrate, Mrs. A.K. Dosumu-Uthman, ordered his remand in custody at the Kirikiri Town Correctional Centre in Lagos without the right to bail.

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