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Buhari Requests Assistance To End Corruption And Insecurity

President Muhammadu Buhari has urged all Nigerians to support the government’s ongoing fight against corruption and insecurity.
In his message of friendship to Muslims on the occasion of Maulud, the President called for Muslims to celebrate the birth of Prophet Muhammad.
He urged Nigerians to respect women and children more, as well as to love and understand one another.
President Muhammadu Buhari encouraged lawmakers to refrain from using foul language and to reject the unwelcome tradition of insulting and degrading opponents during this election season.
The President reaffirmed his commitment to hold free, transparent, and fair elections in 2023.
Following the Prophet Muhammad’s good examples is the finest way to honor him, according to Buhari, who exhorted Muslims to “exercise the noble and dazzling virtues of the Prophet Muhammad.”
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The President stated that “the Prophet became famed for his life of humility, justice, and fairness” in a statement released by his spokesman, Garba Shehu.
He asserts that the Prophet drew followers of Islam by setting personal examples of integrity, dependability, justice, tolerance, and patience.
The Prophet “exhibited a great life of patience under provocation and honored treaties with non-Muslims for peaceful coexistence,” the speaker continued.
According to Buhari, “every decent Muslim should follow Muhammad’s examples.” Honesty was one of Muhammad’s greatest traits.
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