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Student Blames School Administrator For Losing Her Virginity Right In Classroom At Age 13

A lot of things changed in my life when I reached Senior Secondary School. Those three years marked the exit of my innocence and the beginning of my tales of woes. What you are about to read is the abridged edition of my Senior Secondary School Diary. I have decided to release it to serve as an eye-opener to the mistakes school administrators make with far-reaching effects on students’ destinies…

My name is Lisa. Lisa Daniels. I came from a morally upright and spiritually sound family. My parents taught us high moral and spiritual values and put measures in place to ensure that we weren’t corrupted. Had I continued under that atmosphere without attending the secondary that I attended, I wouldn’t have been deflowered as a teenager.

Unfortunately, the private school I attended was a direct opposite of my home as far as a moral discipline is concerned. All the measures which my parents put in place were wasted as I eventually got deflowered at age 13 right on my school premises.
And it was not at home, it was in the school
It was not in the hostel, it was right in the classrooms
It was not in the boarding school, it was right in a day school
It was not in the night, it was in broad daylight!
How was this possible?

My school has quite a number of unused classrooms and facilities that are left open and accessible to students at any time of the day. Most of these rooms are on the second and third floors of our massive school building while the Principal’s office and staff rooms are on the ground and on the first floors.

The senior students were fond of using these rooms during break and free periods in the guise of personal or group studies without supervision from any of the teaching or non-teaching members of staff.

Since the senior students have discovered that the school managers and the teachers paid no attention to whatever happened on those floors, they simply turned the empty classrooms into a hub of all immoral activities you can ever imagine in the school.

While few students will take turns to hang by the door to be on the lookout for _unwanted visitors_, others will be busy in the empty classrooms: watching porn, having sex, using drugs and swallowing post-sex contraceptive pills.

Sex talks were freely and loosely discussed in those classrooms.
That was where I watched all the porn movies of my life, that was where I knew all the porn stars of Hollywood by faces and by names, that was where I learnt all the sex styles without undressing or removing my school uniform, that was where I saw condom for the very first time and that was where I practised lesbianism for the first time in my life, that was where I was deflowered and that was where I continued to have the most explosive sex orgies of my life for the three years that I spent in my Senior Secondary School. Needless to say that, that was where I became addicted to all forms of sexual perversions – masturbation, lesbianism and even incest!


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Whenever we feel horny, we go upstairs
Whenever we feel bored, we go upstairs
Whenever we feel have free periods, we go upstairs
The only things we didn’t do upstairs were alcohol and cigarettes for fear of being let out.

To the teachers and the junior students in the school, going upstairs meant going for personal and group studies, but for all of us in senior classes, we understood what the code meant.
I tried to resist going upstairs when I first reached SS1, but that was not for long. The tales of fun and excitement from fellow classmates were too irresistible even for the most religious _S.U_ of that age. We were all caught up in that avoidable but inescapable web, right under the nose of our Principal, Vice Principals, Heads of Department and teachers!

Unfortunately, the school owner is never aware of these ongoing activities in the school.

If only the school management had locked up those rooms and cordoned off those floors; if only staff rooms have been moved to those floors; if only unused and unmanned rooms and floors have been placed under permanent lock and key; if only my parents had not taken me to such a seemingly _big_ school, maybe by now, the damage done to my destiny might have been averted. Maybe…

Copied from Concerned Parents  and Educators Network platform

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