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3 Foods That Can Exacerbate Menstrual Pain

The painful discharge of blood from a woman’s intimate region makes her period one of the most unpleasant periods of her life for any woman. Many women have a tendency to consume a variety of foods during their period, which might be harmful.
In this piece after Healthline, I’ll tell you about three things you shouldn’t consume to stay safe during your period.
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1. Sugar-rich foods
How sugar tricks you into feeling hungry and overeating | India News -  Times of India
Anything sweet should be the first thing a woman avoids while she is on her period since it may influence her mood and give her an energy spike that is immediately followed by a crash.
However, you should reduce your intake if you often eat too many sugary items at this time of day. To put it another way, you are advised to refrain from eating foods like candy, cookies, and much more.
2. Salt-rich foods
15 Sodium Rich Foods - Benefits & Risks - HealthifyMe
Additionally, salty meals are bad for you during your period because they can bloat you, which is quite painful.
3. Red Meat
Red meat should also be avoided when you’re on your period since it may result in cramps by contracting the muscles in your womb and other muscles.
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