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Ways To Promote Healing of A Vaginal Cut

Vaginal cuts typically recover quickly with minimal or no scarring. Call your doctor if bleeding or pain do not stop after a few days of the injury, according to VeryWellHealth.
Vaginal cuts should be treated at home, but they may also require medical attention.
Minor female organ injuries can usually be treated at home. Simple cut self-care focuses on keeping the wound dry and clean, avoiding things that can irritate the region, and stopping activities that might aggravate the injury.
Vaginal Cuts and Tears: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, and More
You can follow these steps to speed up the healing of cuts to female organs:
1. While the injury heals, refrain from foreplay and any sexual activity.
2. Attempt to wear only soft cotton underwear, or none at all, if at all possible.
3. Keep the place dry and spotless.
4. Before dressing, make sure the region around the female organs is thoroughly dry.
5. Refrain from touching the injured region.
6. Take a daily shower or bath.
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7. Until the region has healed, refrain from using tampons; instead, use pads or period underwear.
8. Keep checking to make sure the situation is not becoming worse (such as an increase in redness, drainage, or other symptoms).
9. Steer clear of any spermicide, scented soap, or lubricant that can irritate.
10. A few times each day, soak for ten to fifteen minutes in a bath filled with just a few inches of warm water.
11. Use mild cleaning products free of harsh chemicals, such as Cetaphil Ultra Gentle Body Wash.
12. Increase your water intake to make your urine less acidic and pour warm water over the female organ opening while you urinate to lessen stinging.
Vaginal cuts can frequently be let to heal on their own with good self-care and as long as there are no signs of infection.
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