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How To Get Rid Of Vaginal Odour

Source: Healthline
1. Practice good hygiene
Wiping the vagina from front to back, as this prevents feces from entering the vagina, is one advice for improving safe and gentle vaginal hygiene.
* Urinating right away after having intercourse
* Only use gentle, fragrance-free soap on the vulva.
* Using unscented items to wash and replace underwear on a daily basis or whenever it becomes dirty or sweaty.
The pH of the vagina can be changed by inserting soap, which could result in an infection and an unpleasant odor.
2. Use an internal measurement tool
During menstruation, some females may detect a greater vaginal odor. Hormonal changes can produce an iron- or ammonia-like odor. Menstrual products that can trap odor can exacerbate this problem.
Additionally, it’s critical to switch up menstrual products periodically.
3. After intercourse, take care of your vagina
A strong, fishy smell that some people experience right away after sexual activity is an indication of bacteria vaginosis. Some people might detect a less pronounced odor.
The following actions can help eliminate vaginal odor following sex:
Vaginal odour: Try these natural hacks |
* Use a condom to keep vaginal fluid and semen from coming into contact.
* Use water to rinse the vulva.
* Refrain from using flavored or perfumed lubricant.
4. Take in probiotics
Probiotics encourage beneficial microorganisms in the vagina as well as the rest of the body. They aid in the prevention of several vaginal infections, particularly yeast infections. Probiotics help to restore the normal pH of the vagina, which lowers the likelihood of vaginal odor.
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5. Steer clear of wearing constrictive apparel
Clothing can collect fluid and other materials near the vagina, such as:
* Sweat
* Dead skin
* Discharge
* Previously obtained sperm.
For individuals worried about vaginal odor, breathable cotton is the best option because it won’t keep moisture close to the vagina. This makes it harder for bacteria and other odor-producing agents to accumulate and generate a powerful odor.
6. Reduce sweets and drink more water.
Consuming sugary meals might cause yeast to overgrow, which will intensify the vaginal odor. Women should attempt drinking lots of water as well. Keeping hydrated stops the growth of bacteria. Additionally, it stops sweat from smelling strangely, which lessens the intensity of the vaginal odor.
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