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WAEC Outlines Benefits of Digital Certificate Platform


The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) has unveiled the national and international benefits of the digital certificate platform it launched Thursday, 20 October, 2022 in Ikeja, Lagos.

Speaking the launch, WAEC’s Head of National Office in Nigeria, Mr Patrick Areghan said that the Digital Certificate is the electronic version of academic or the physical paper certificate.

He explained: “It is hosted on a dedicated credential page with options to share and embed. It presents the same information with paper certificates but it has numerous advantages over and above paper certificates, with special focus on the elimination of fraud and easy accessibility.”

According to him, “The benefits of the Digital Certificate platform are far-reaching and it provides users the opportunity to:

1. Generate and Share Certificates: Candidates will no longer share photocopies of their certificates with institutions and organizations. But instead, access and share copies of their original certificates, delivered straight from WAEC data base. These records are instantly confirmed and validated.

2. Security/Data Protection: The digital certificate platform gives certificate holders the power to prevent unauthorized users from accessing their data. The Platform is compliant with global best practices by ensuring that the data of candidates are protected securely and cannot be accessed by third parties without the consent of certificate owners. Thus, it provides security for certificates.

3. Shareability/Instant Delivery: Individuals can now share their digital certificates from a WAEC source instantly, regardless of the person’s location. This eliminates institutional administration delays and backlog of requests. It provides instant verification and credibility.

4. Portability: With the mobile application accompanying the web platform, certificates are accessible via a mobile device and can be used and shared safely from anywhere at the candidates’ discretion, from their mobile devices. And so, certificates are now easy to carry about without any fear of loss or theft.

5. Authenticity: Institutions and organizations can confirm with ease the reliability and authenticity of individuals’ certificates on the digital certificate platform. This eliminates fraud and will definitely send fakers out of the market. It has many security doors that makes it impossible to hack.

6. Improved Confirmation Processes: Universities, institutions and organizations can now enjoy a seamless, secure and fast confirmation process with the digital platform. The platform also allows for bulk confirmation of certificates at once. This saves valuable administration costs and time.

7. Recovery of Lost Certificate: Limitation experienced with the paper certificates is that it cannot be replaced as original certificates are only issued once. Going digital, your original certificate is now available on demand. And the risk of loss or damage is now eliminated!

8. Printability: Certificate owners can print their Digital Certificates in high quality to have a physical copy, if they so desire. .

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