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Why South West Abandons Sowore

Omoyele Sowore

Nigeria’s anti-corruption crusader and a presidential candidate in the country’s 2019 election Omoyele Sowore who has been held in prison for leading the revolution now protest may not breath the air of freedom anytime soon.

In the past few months, Sowore has been granted bail by the court on several occasions, but the government has refused to let him go even to the disenchantment of the court. The desperation to keep Sowore in chain and away from the public was revealed recently, when he was violently re-arrested barely few hours after he was granted bail.

Surprisingly, while this has been going on, the Yoruba nation have maintained a disturbing silence, leading many to suspect that some powerful South West politicians may have a hand in Sowore’s travail or may be leveraging it for their own political ambitions. Here are 10 irrefutable reasons why such theory holds true.

The Fear of EFCC

Many of the top Yoruba politicians are either are under investigation by the EFCC or their activities are being monitored by the anti-corruption agency. These politicians know themselves and they are careful not to ruffle the feathers any further by associating with a person who is considered enemy of the President.

Northern Support is Crucial for of 2023

The North, on its own is very furious at the anti-corruption activist for opposing President Buhari. The South West is aware of this and because they have their eyes on getting back the presidency in 2023, they wouldn’t want to associate with a person that could undermine that possible alliance with the North.

Tinubu Presidential Ambition

It is an open secret that Former Governor of Lagos State Bola Ahmed Tinubu is desperate to become President and he is already positioning himself to get the President’s approval for 2023. Tinubu assumes that his support of the injustice against Sowore would endear them to Buhari towards 2023 presidency.

Closeness to IPOB

It is no secret that Sowore is a close friend to IPOB founder Nnamdi Kanu, who is himself facing trial in Nigeria for treason. As a matter of fact, the two are known to have held a meeting in Canada to discuss politics in Nigeria. Any attempt by any Yoruba politician to associate with Sowore could be seen as a tacit support for IPOB.

Too Independent Minded

The political activist is well known to be too independent minded. He doesn’t seem to be good at compromise. So the South West politicians are concerned that throwing their weight behind Sowore could amount to raising a political monster that could prove uncontrollable, which will be counterproductive for their own personal political ambition.

Fear that he may be an agent of the west

One of the charges laid against Sowore by the DSS in court is that he is an agent of the west who has received money to destabilize the present administration. This is an indication of where his true allegiance lies.

Stepped on powerful toes

Sowore by his brand of activism and journalism has over the years stepped on powerful toes both in the political terrain and even religious personalities. The support of some of these people may be crucial to the South West politicians ahead of 2023.

Lack of political base

As at now, Sowore is considered a lightweight in politics and his political base negligible. So he is seen as a dispensable commodity for the “greater good”.

Works in isolation

In the world of politics, it is crucial to master the art of building bridges and forming alliances. Sowore seem not to understand that part. He tend to believe that ones he can get the masses on his side he does not need to make friends with the rich and powerful, even among his kins. This has isolated him from Yoruba politicians. Unfortunately, that brand of politics is still far-fetched in Nigeria where the money bags are undisputable kingmakers.

Fear of Being Ridiculed

Sowore is unpredictable. Any attempt by the South West politicians to intervene may be rejected by the activist who could then turnaround to make a political capital out of it.

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