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Atiku, Okowa and Tambuwal Discussion To Rig 2023 Elections Uncovered


ATIKU: There will be need to bring in the INEC

OKOWA: There will be need to interface with INEC and not create suspicion

TAMBUWAL: For me to accept to go into this, let us strategize and discuss the arrangement and how it can be achieved.

ATIKU: Tambuwal, that’s why we are meeting. Let us sit down and find any other technology that may be used to make sure we emerge. We have to look for a way to find loopholes.

OKOWA: We are going to provide for the INEC officials starting from the polling units through to the ward collation centers and I just hope that we are going to find a way to rig the elections. This is the best time.

ATIKU: It is not enough. First of all, you give money to the state INEC. There will be need to bring in the INEC and also make sure they don’t use BVAS. We have seen what the use caused in Osun. Atiku Abubakar, I am with you on this one.

Listen to the audio discussion below between Atiku, Okowa and Tambuwal.


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