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Daylight robbery: Lagos Hot Spot, Now Haven Of Thieves

Commuters are upset as a result of the persistent operations of criminals taking advantage of the poor condition of the roads in Doyin, Orile Iganmu, which have turned into a hot location for traffic robberies. The state administration has made little to no work towards the road’s restoration throughout the past four months, leaving it in a deteriorated state.
As a result of juvenile robbers parading the road armed with deadly weapons, Lagos State’s notoriously congested axis has become a nightmare for drivers that travel the route. The lack of police has made things worse because it has been simple for the daredevils to operate freely in the axis throughout the day and at night.
Vanguard reports that the thieves take advantage of the increased backlog in traffic brought on by the extremely dangerous sections of the road near Orile Market. As a result, there are typically long lines that extend from the National Theatre up the bridge and all the way down to the Doyin bus stop, which is located only a pole away from the constantly crowded Orile market.
To intentionally cause craters and bottlenecks, roads were excavated.
It has been confirmed by reliable sources that the hoodlums who live in and around the nearby areas as well as within Orile are responsible for the deep craters on the main road beside the Doyin bus stop. It was designed to prevent cars from driving freely so that they would ambush unwary drivers who were caught in traffic.
An on-the-road hawker told Vanguard Metro that the thieves use hoes and diggers at night to wreck the road before they vanish and reappear to assault drivers during the robberies. Many individuals have been robbed on this route both during the day and at night, according to the middle-aged guy who claimed to be a Christian and had been disturbed by what the youthful thieves are doing.
“They parade the length of the road from the Doyin bus stop to the top of the bridge in groups of ten and twenty, and when traffic is backed up, they descend hard on drivers. Truck drivers are the only individuals they don’t assault, but they constantly warn them not to interfere with their activities or else they’ll start attacking them as well.
Many commuters and drivers have reportedly been fired at and injured; other people have reportedly been attacked with hazardous weapons alongside the road after losing expensive items such as phones, jewelry, and numerous other personal things.
“You will grieve for this nation if you witness what they do to drivers at night. They act as though security guards don’t exist or that they are above the law. We who live in the Orile or Doyin axis have become victims because after attacking motorists, they will enter the streets around midnight to share their stolen goods. However, when they disagree over the sharing pattern, they will start terrorizing the locals while either intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. Our two eyes seldom stay closed when we sleep.
“The majority of these juvenile offenders are members of one lethal cult or another, and they all engage in competitive fighting after assaulting drivers on that bridge. Only God knows how many dead bodies have been left in abandoned places along the streets. They act as though they are above the law, so no one can oppose them. Memudu, Ipaja, Igbehinadun, Savage, Chemist Bus Stop, Coker Bridge, Alagba—known as their headquarters—and Ojuafeje Adeleye are among the streets that are most significantly impacted.
The alarming thing about this is that the cops act as if they are unaware of the illegal activity. These thugs murder at will. Because of this, they were able to band together and storm the Orile Police Station during the EndSars demonstrations without being noticed.
Most of the time, the Orile police release some of the criminals they have apprehended, and they return to the streets to do further destruction.
According to a commercial bus driver who talked with Vanguard Metro, the decaying route has turned into a popular hangout for thieves.
Since the majority of them are homeless and live in the marshes of Ojuafeje and Adeleye, he said, “They are not too far from the streets.”
Further research found that the bulk of traffic offenders reside in the Ojuafeje/Adeleye community, a swampy region next to the pedestrian bridge in Doyin. They keep a constant eye on the flow of traffic and take advantage of any openings to commit crimes.
Vanguard editors robbed
Emma Nnadozie, the crime editor for the Vanguard Group, and Morenike Taire, the woman editor, were attacked by these young robbers on Tuesday.
The Crime editor described his unpleasant run-in with the criminals as follows: “It was around 3.30 pm and I was descending the bridge towards Doyin bus station when we were stuck in the bottleneck. About ten adolescents in mismatched clothing suddenly swarmed my car and began yelling demands for cash.
They demanded that “Oga must give us something,” pointing their fingers at me as my driver informed them that there was no money. They unlocked the door on my side and stole money out of my pockets before I could shout Jack Robinson. While they searched my pockets and managed to remove the N20,000 from my side pocket, I deftly hid my two phones next to the back seat. They swiftly left my car without removing my side mirrors, maybe because they were delighted that the money was in N500 denominations.
In addition, as soon as they departed, I got out of the car and went to the Doyin bus stop to inform the police in charge of directing traffic there. However, when I arrived, I saw another unpleasant situation, in which traffic police officers and a few uniformed troops were openly fighting over traffic management. While their other troops were exchanging heated comments, the soldiers were being harsh with a young female police traffic officer. I had to phone the Command Headquarters at Ikeja’s police department for fast assistance since I was confused.
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According to Mrs. Taire, she was attacked by 12 thugs between the ages of 13 and 20 while she was traveling from Nigeria Breweries to Orile through Animashaun Junction in Surulere.
They were many and were pounding on my car while yelling for me to give them anything. They threatened to take off the second side mirror if I didn’t respond, and when I didn’t, they forcibly took one of my side mirrors. They profited from the fact that there was a standstill in traffic. They disregarded a caravan driver who tried to interfere. They left my side mirror on the ground as they went, but I’m not sure what made them decide to go.
There were police officers nearby, but they were unable to intervene. It took place between 2:30 and 3:30 p.m.I encourage the authorities to immediately repair that dangerous section of the road so that traffic will move smoothly and these thugs won’t have a chance to rob drivers.
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