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Financial Struggle Is Not A Justification For Corruption- Accountability Lab

The current economic suffering in the nation, according to Mr. Friday Odeh, Country Director of Accountability Lab, is not a sufficient excuse for Nigerians to become corrupt, in both the public and private sectors.

Speaking to the media in Abuja at a two-day Integrity Innovation Lab session, he urged public servants to uphold their ethics and integrity in spite of the country’s challenging economic climate by working hard to build a better Nigeria.

He advised Nigerian employees not to labor for their own pockets but for the good of the nation as a whole, saying that economic hardship should not lead to a change in conduct.

According to Odeh, the integrity workshop’s main goal was to support the Lab’s integrity role models and determine how they might collaborate with institutions like the Independent Corrupt Practises Commission (ICPC) to create novel concepts that could increase accountability and integrity in the public sector.

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In order to create a corrupt-free system and nation, he expressed hope that the ideas created will be incorporated and have an influence on the public service Ministries Departments, and Agencies (MDAs).

Odeh asserted that the Lab thinks it should “name and fame” Nigerians who have demonstrated integrity in their many spheres of influence, highlighting the fact that doing so will inspire them to go above and beyond “and we will achieve a corrupt free society”

Prof. Bolaji Owasanoye, the chairman of the Independent Dishonest Practises Commission (ICPC), said it was crucial to honor those who have displayed integrity in addition to naming and shaming the dishonest in society.

Speaking on behalf of the commission, Mr. Peter Okor Odey, Director of Education, stated that the ICPC has given integrity awards to those who have continuously exhibited openness and accountability in their areas of influence.

He claimed that recognizing individuals who have exhibited integrity in their fields of influence will significantly alter and inspire the typical Nigerian.

Additionally, he recommended State governments establish anti-corruption and transparency monitoring units within their organizations since doing so would enable them to identify corruption-prone regions, conduct system studies and evaluations, and provide management-level advice on the best ways to combat corruption.

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