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Nigerian Student Set New Academic Record In Canada

Ernest Omo-Ojo, a Nigerian immigrant to Canada for academic purposes, has been named Herzing College, Ottawa’s all-around outstanding student.

The prize, known as the Herzing College Cup, is frequently granted each year to a deserving student who specializes in a field with high demand within the college.

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Ernest Omo-Ojo became the first recipient of the university’s Ottawa campus in the 30 years since the award’s inception.

With seven campuses across the US and Canada, Herzing College has been around for more than 55 years. Students from all campuses compete for the Herzing Cup.

Each year, entries from various schools nominate their top students for the Herzing Cup, which is judged by a group of about 50 people.

Before moving to Canada to pursue his education, Omo-Ojo worked for ExxonMobil.

Ernest Omo-Ojo later retrained at Herzing after writing two books, The Potent Force of Sponsorship and his most recent, The Audacious Faith.

Based on his experiences at Exxon, the books are primarily on improving oneself.

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