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AK- 47: Military Warns Ortom- Don’t Ask For Anything You Don’t Have the Authority To Get

General Lucky Irabor, the CDS, stated on Friday that no state governor has the power to purchase large caliber weaponry for use by quasi-security organizations.
After the National Security Council meeting, which was presided over by President Muhammadu Buhari at the Presidential Villa in Abuja, he made this comment in response to inquiries alongside the ministers of the interior, Rauf Aregbesola, and police affairs, Mohammed Maigari Dingyadi.
General Lucky Irabor’s response came after Benue State Governor Samuel Ortom gave the administration a month to approve his request for an AK-47 license, failing which he would consult with his people on the best course of action.
Ondo State Governor Rotimi Akeredolu had before questioned why the Kasina security group had been given authorization to possess weapons when other state security groups had not.
The CDS advised residents to be cautious and constantly read between the lines when specific requests were made by governors while replying.
He claimed that only the Federal government’s security agencies had the authority to use high caliber weapons like the AK-47 rifles and similar weapons.
In contrast to the realities of the security situation, he claimed that Nigerian journalists must be able to read between the lines when certain comments are made to evoke particular emotions.
The AK-47 and “firearms fall into two primary groups,” according to General Irabor. You have both automatic and what we may characterize as non-automatic weapons, some of which you might even possess if you hold the necessary licenses. I’m referring to the Pump Action firearms, which are highly popular, as well as occasionally the Danish firearms that some hunters employ.
“Automatic weapons are involved in the course that was specified. No state has received authorization for that.
He further stated that only federal government entities are responsible for issuing licenses, and that only official security personnel should be employed in place of quasi-security forces.
Therefore, you should refrain from asking for things that you are unable to obtain, General Irabor said.
Aregbesola rejected the idea that governors can also purchase firearms for their local security forces in his input.
“No state government has the authority to equip any of his security personnel or organizations. None. Therefore, the untrue assertion that the state government is given permission by the federal government to form its own vigilante or undercover security group is untrue, untrue, untrue!
He outlined the prerequisites that had to be met before a municipal license to bear arms could be issued, but he claimed that the governors had not done so.
Anyone who wishes to lawfully bring in a firearm must follow certain steps. And everyone who is allowed to import legal ammunition by local law, even the military, must go through this procedure.
Therefore, whomever wishes to import ammo, armor, or weapons is encouraged to follow the correct procedures.
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Speaking on the topic of applications for the purchase of firearms, the Minister of Police Affairs stated, “Government has made it clearly clear that it has not provided a license to any state government or organization to purchase firearms for subnational security measures.
Therefore, I believe that whomever claims to have given a deadline for the federal government to issue you a license should be aware that there are proper procedures one should follow to obtain such licenses.
To guarantee that they receive the proper reaction from the federal government on the problem, Dingyadi urged “those concerned to please follow the due process.”
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