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Egypt And Nigeria Sign $30 Million Deals In Cairo

The first Nigeria-Egypt Trade Conference and Exhibition (NETCE), which took place in Cairo, came to a successful conclusion with the signing of partnership agreements totaling $30 million between corporate organizations from the two nations.
Dr. Yousrey El Sharkawi, the Chairman of the Egypt African Businessmen’s Association (EABA), and Mr. Mahmood Ahmadu, the President of the Nigeria-Egypt Cultural and Socio-Economic Forum (NESCEF), made this announcement at the conclusion of the three-day conference, which was organized by both groups in conjunction with the Nigerian Embassy in Cairo.
In a statement released on Friday by Abdul-Razaq Musa, Executive Assistant to the President, NESCEF, El Sharkawi claimed that six companies from the two nations had agreed to collaborate in the real estate, mining, engineering, construction, and medical equipment industries, as well as in agriculture, technology, and mining.
Dr. Yousrey El Sharkawi, praised both countries’ structured corporate sectors for taking risky actions to achieve greater economic cooperation.
Ibrahim El-Yakub, the Minister of State for Works and Housing of Nigeria, stated his country’s willingness to collaborate with Egypt on the housing front while attending the conference and touring several housing developments made by the private sector in Egypt.
Nigeria, according to Yakub, needs at least 200,000 housing units annually.
Nura Abba Rimi, Nigeria’s ambassador to Egypt, welcomed the conference’s conclusion and said that the private entities’ agreements would promote greater business and trade prospects for the benefit of the populations of both nations.
He emphasized that both nations have a youthful population that is very entrepreneurial and innovative, as well as abundant natural and human resources.
NESCEF president Ahmadu praised EABA and the Nigerian Embassy in Cairo, under whose auspices the conference was effectively held.
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Additionally, he expressed gratitude to Nigerian businesses and government agencies for their participation, including Online Integrated Solution Services (OIS) Limited, Ocean City Development, Imam001 Global Agency Ltd, Uyk Holdings Ltd, iStrategic Transparent Solutions, G-one Energy Ltd, MFS Limited, Bashik Nasiku & Co, Hinterland Oil & Gas Ltd, the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment, Nigera Export Promotion Council (NEPC), Slaylab Fintech, Lakeside Pharmaceutical
According to Musa, the NECSCF is a role-model business organization devoted to fostering prosperous economic ties and business collaborations between Nigeria and Egypt. Its objectives include promoting its members in both countries and assisting in the formation of profitable alliances between Egyptian and Nigerian companies.
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