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Police Inspector Caught Among 3 Kidnappers In Lagos – Victim


In the Lagos State neighbourhood of Egbeda, three kidnappers have run out of luck after being detained by the Nigeria Police Force while attempting to collect the remaining N10 million in ransom from their victim. In addition, one of the abductors is a police inspector.

According to our sources, two of the kidnappers were first arrested and their arrest led to the arrest of the third person.

Uche Timothy, the victim of the kidnappers was first taken on March 10, 2023, in Ejigbo, Lagos. After four days, he was freed when he paid N5 million in ransom. Unhappy with the N5 million ransom, the kidnappers returned on May 6, 2023, asking for an additional N10 million to fulfil the N15 million they had originally sought from Uche.

The victim claims that on May 2, 2023, the kidnappers sent him a message through an occult member threatening to kill all of his children unless he paid the remaining N10 million in ransom.

The victim eventually contacts the police after receiving repeated threats through the phone, and the police set up a special squad to effect the kidnappers’ arrest.

Uche told The Cheer News that he was instructed to pack some cash and paper in a bag and deliver it to the kidnappers via his wife at a predetermined location.

Uche said: ”Before they collected the money, they made his wife trek miles until she became frustrated, and tired and started crying.

”So where she sat, three of the Kidnappers came with a machine and asked her to throw the money at them. While they were running away with the money, the police vehicle that was arranged, came out and hit them with their vehicle.

”The special police squad attached to the state CID, Panti, Yaba, Lagos led by Inspector Ebenezer Omirefa did a great job. Through this professional job, the Inspector has further proved that there are some good policemen who are really the friends of the people. ”

You will recall that the same Inspector Omirefa also led the successful police squad in Ogun State when the former Central Bank staff, his wife were killed and the only son thrown inside river.

Meanwhile, the wife of the victim, Mrs Franca Timothy, who narrated her ordeal in the attempt to get the money across to the kidnappers said she acted and played along with the kidnappers until they were caught by the special police squad.

She said: ”The kidnappers called me that I should enter the motor to Ikotun and when I reach Ikotun, I should enter another motor to another bus stop.

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”They first told me to go to Egbeda, but I told them no. Because when we were first discussing I told them that this time around you promise me that you will not take me to a long distance.

”Then I told them I am not going to Egbeda, and as we were talking they cut the call. They later called me back and said that I should stop at the Council bus stop.

”I prayed and left and went to meet the policemen, who asked me some questions. But as we were talking, the kidnappers called again and asked me to put my phone on the loudspeaker so that they will be hearing the noise in the background to prove that I was at the bus stop.”

Franca Timothy continued: ”The kidnappers told me to call them when I get to Ikotun which I did.

”When I took the previous N5 million to them in March, they requested to know the colour of the clothing I was wearing, but this time when I was going from Ejigbo, they did not ask me to describe what I was wearing, that was how I knew that God is working.

”I immediately informed policemen that I was asked to wait at the Council Bus Stop, so they said okay I should enter the car and that all of us will go together and when they reach Ikotun station they will give us more policemen.

”So when the Kidnappers were calling me, I told them I am in a hold-up meanwhile, we were at Ikotun Police Station.

”So after everything, all of us came out, they introduced me to the other policemen that they should know me and when they reach there they should avoid me.

”The Police sent two policemen to the junction and position themselves somewhere to give them information.

”Moreover, immediately after the policemen left, another batch of police with motors went to the junction and stationed themselves in another place that will not be suspicious for any of the kidnappers.

” The Police advised me to go to the junction, so that any time they call me, they will be hearing the noise of the motor, and then they will know that I am at the bus stop.

”When I was on the road, the kidnappers called me and told me that they are not coming again and I started begging them that they should not go back and that I cannot go through this stress again so they cut the call again. But I continued standing there because the policemen said I should not leave there.

”As I was standing there, they later called me and asked me to cross the street opposite that place. I did not allow them to talk before I started shouting that I am not going anywhere. I said, ”You promised me that you will not take long and if you ask me to keep the money for you inside the gutter, I will and when you are ready you should come and pick it up.

”As they were talking I was talking and they begged me to stop talking so that I will understand what they are saying.

”At this point, I told them I am not arguing with them but I cannot leave this place again, because I have been stressed up. So they off their phones again.

”Few seconds later, they called me back that I should come, that they are seeing me.

”Then I told them I am not moving an inch. They said the two-storey building at my front was where I should go and drop the money inside the flower there and I said I am not moving an inch, so I continue standing there.

”As I was standing, all of a sudden a bike appeared in my front with two of the kidnappers on it.

”They asked me to bring the bag, but I was somehow delaying bringing it so that the policemen around would know that the work has started.

”Immediately after the bike drove out the policemen came out with their vehicles, both the one coming from Ikotun and the one coming from Panti, all of them collided together. The motor even got damaged. But they were able to hit the bike and they caught the three kidnappers.”

Mrs Timothy said: ”To my greatest surprise, when we got to the police station, one of the policemen told me that an inspector of police is one of the kidnappers and that two AK47 were recovered from the kidnappers.”

Efforts to reach SP Benjamin Hundeyin, the PPRO for Lagos State on telephone or get reply when text message was sent proved abortive as he neither replied to the text message nor picked the calls.

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