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Chieftains In APC, PDP Dump Parties For Labour Party

Peter Obi

Members and chieftains of a number of significant political parties in Ondo State have switched allegiances to the Labour Party just a few weeks before the general election.

In the state’s Akoko South-East/Akoko South-West Federal Constituency, the defectors are from the All Progressives Congress, the People’s Democratic Party, and the Social Democratic Party.

The defectors also expressed support for Mr Peter Obi, the Labour Party presidential candidate, at the ceremony, which was held in Isua Akoko, the state’s Akoko South-East Local Government Area headquarters.

Stephen Adeyeri, a former candidate for the House of Representatives in the APC and one of the leaders of the defectors, claimed that Obi’s sterling reputation and his comprehensive platform, which offered solutions to a wide range of national problems, inspired him and his supporters to join the Labour Party and publicly declare their unwavering support for the presidential candidate.

The two major political parties (the PDP and the APC), according to Adeyeri, who projected a resounding victory for Obi, have failed miserably in managing the affairs of the country. He emphasized that the LP was the only better option.

“Obi is the one to beat because he has demonstrated his competence among the candidates,” he stated. His documents, which were in the public domain while he was in power in Anambra, show that he didn’t get all of that through deceit but rather through his own efforts.

“I’m here to promote Obi’s candidacy to my followers, and I explained to them why he has to be elected, especially in light of his intentions to transition the nation from one of consumption to one of production.”

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He claims that in order to improve the nation’s fortunes, a capable hand is required. He made the point that if Peter Obi were elected as the country’s president, a number of problems, including hunger, a lack of energy, fuel scarcity, and a host of others, would soon be a thing of the past.

In the upcoming general election, Adeyeri asked the Labour Party’s followers to vote for all of the party’s candidates, stating that it would be “absurdity” if those who “weaponized poverty on innocent inhabitants” did so once more.

Prior to this, Mr. Agabje Abiodun, the LP’s state secretary, encouraged the APC, PDP, and SDP defectors to actively campaign for the LP throughout the state as he welcomed them into the party.

He claimed that the Labour Party should be chosen based on historical performance because its candidate for governor of Ondo State, Dr. Olusegun Mimiko, did a commendable job of leading that state from 2009 to 2014 while running on its platform.

He declared, “The Labour Party is the only party in Nigeria that is rapidly expanding; we can see how people are swarming to join Obi’s movement.” Can you compare the performance of the current administration, which has fallen short of expectations, to that of Mimiko while he served as governor?

“People are weary of the current circumstances.” Adeyeri has stated everything: the locals are suffering due to a lack of fuel and high food prices, among other problems. Even APC members are bemoaning the conspicuous poverty.

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