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U.S Has No Favourite Candidate Among Nigerian Presidential Contestants – Ambassador

Mary Leonard, the US ambassador to Nigeria -

Mary Leonard, the US ambassador to Nigeria, reaffirmed her nation’s support for fair elections that accurately represent popular will on Wednesday. She also added that the US will not favour any candidate in the upcoming polls.

On February 25, 2023, Nigerians will go to the polls to elect the next President of the country, and Mrs Leonard is maintaining that no candidate running for the top job will be influenced or supported by the United States.

During a one-day multi-stakeholder dialogue in Abuja titled “Nigeria’s 2023 Elections: Fostering Youth action for peace and stability,” Leonard said that the elections offered Nigeria the chance to further establish its position as an African pioneer in democracy.

The programme, held in collaboration with the National Orientation Agency and Building Blocks for Peace Foundation, was to scale up conversations to ensure inclusivity.

She said, “First, let me start by sharing with you as I’ve shared with other Nigerian groups, my government’s view on the upcoming elections in Nigeria. The United States supports transparent and credible elections that reflect the will of the people in a process that is conducted peacefully.

“The 2023 elections are a pivotal opportunity for Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country and its largest economy, to solidify its place as a democratic leader in Africa. Elections are the foundation of democracy and the basis for the legitimate transfer of power.

“We favour no candidate. We favour only an open, transparent and peaceful electoral process.”

Speaking further, Leonard stated the US had provided $25 million as part of elections-related support to Nigeria, while expressing confidence in the electoral umpire to conduct credible and transparent elections.

“Through USAID, the US is providing $25 million in elections-related support to Nigeria for the 2023 election cycle.

“The United States has full confidence in INEC and its ability to organise and conduct credible and transparent elections.

“We saw INEC’s capabilities on display during the success of the recent off-cycle elections in Ekiti and Osun states and we look forward to seeing that success extended nationwide during the February and March general elections.”

Continuing, she stressed her resolve to place visa restrictions on individuals who undermine the electoral process.

“Individuals who undermine the democratic process in any way through intimidation and violence may be found ineligible for visas to travel to the United States.

“We took steps in the past to impose US visa restrictions against anyone complicit in undermining the electoral process. And in fact, Secretary of State Blinken announced just last week that we’re imposing sanctions to pass such behaviours.

“We will civilly deny or cancel visas for those who try to undermine the upcoming elections. These records are confidential so we won’t be able to announce the identities of those subject to the sanctions but I can tell you that I am fully aware of people who travelled to the US and whose visas were blocked,” she added






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