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Ebonyi Launches First Private Radio Station

Legacy 95.1 FM in Abakaliki, Ebonyi, launched its first private radio station on Tuesday.
Sen. Obinna Ogba, a former senator who served the Ebonyi Central constituency, is the owner of the station.
Gov. Francis Nwifuru stated at the inauguration that the Ebonyi government would always provide an atmosphere that allowed private enterprises to flourish.
He urged affluent people and investors to invest in Ebonyi by utilizing the government’s pro-business economic policies.
Additionally, Nwifuru reaffirmed that the state’s administration will safeguard and defend the business environment.
He expressed gratitude to Ogba for his vision and foresight and made a pledge that the government will build a road and install power to connect the station with the rest of Abakaliki.
“There had been many senators who earned more money than Ogba, but none of them felt it essential to make investments in this state since they had nothing to show for it in Ebonyi.
“I’m glad Ogba supports Ebonyi and has brought in a lot of investments, especially for Izzi.
I encourage individuals from Ebonyi and other interested groups to come work on developing our state if they have money and are egalitarian, the governor remarked.
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Nwifuru encouraged the station to abide by the National Broadcasting Commission’s code of conduct in order to air programming and create material that would promote peace, progress, and togetherness.
He counseled the channel to focus instead on educating, entertaining, and informing the public rather than spreading misleading and deceptive news.
Ogba had earlier stated that he founded the radio station out of a drive to generate employment and provide the people of Ebonyi with a media platform to share their ideas and opinions on topics.
“I felt there was a need to set up this private broadcasting station because Ebonyi people used to travel to Enugu to have their views broadcast, and usually it was on private radio stations,” he said.
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