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UNICAL Prof Denies Harassment Allegations, Asserts Commitment to Fair Treatment of Students

The University of Calabar’s Dean of the Faculty of Law, Prof. Cyril Ndifon, has responded to claims that he sexually harassed female law students.

Ndifon was the target of a protest by many students who said he had repeatedly harassed them sexually.

Late on a Monday afternoon, they circulated in groups across campus while yelling, “Ndifon, go! go!”

The students held up signs that said, among other things, “Ndifon Must Go!” Law females are not a bonanza, Prof. Ndifon, let the girls with huge bre***s breathe, and Prof. Ndifon must cease grabbing our B** B**.

Comrade Benedict Otu, president of the Unical branch of the Law Students Association of Nigeria, or LAWSAN, led the students in the demonstration.

But the Dean refuted the claims in a conversation with the web publication CrossRiverWatch.

He asserted that certain faculty members who had sworn to bring him down were behind the law students’ demonstration.

Ndifon referred to the accusations as outright falsehoods intended to harm his reputation.

It hasn’t been simple since I emerged victorious in a hotly contested election to become the faculty dean, he claimed.

I had avoided a number of mine. These unfounded accusations were planned by a critic of mine who had sworn to ruin my reputation because I twice won the faculty elections.

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The signs contain one person’s handwriting, as you can see if you look at them. Again, if it is not the work of an insider, how do the demonstrators know that we were having a meeting with the Vice Chancellor?

“We had scheduled a meeting with the vice-chancellor to discuss some pressing concerns affecting the faculty. However, as the meeting was going on, we learned that some students were outside holding signs in support of me and calling for my removal from office.

According to what I’ve been told, LAWSAN President Benedict Otu persuaded some students to attend a meeting with the Vice Chancellor at her office only to distribute banners with inaccurate statements about the Dean and invite his colleagues to scream insults at my character.

It won’t work, I said. My coworkers are out to ruin me by damaging my reputation. Where are the victims of sexual harassment? is the question. Can someone sexually harass females without the women coming forward to report the incident?

For Christ’s sake, I don’t teach Year 2 B or Year 1 pupils, therefore I’m baffled as to why they would want to tarnish my reputation. This is the reason I earlier said that the accusations were untrue and concocted from the depths of hell in an effort to tarnish the reputation I had worked so hard to establish.

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