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Omo-Agege: Reenacting Awolowo’s Feat, And Much More

Who doesn’t know that things have been so sore with us in Delta State these 24 years because of usurpers of mandates and towering political cum financial miscreants? Though the pains have been long, the end is now at hand with Omo-Agege stepping out to change our very unpleasant story. The man has a mission. This is the essence of the Liberation Movement he is championing – and what very ready catalyst of the needed long overdue change in our State! The ovation about his gubernatorial candidature and match to Asaba can only be most informed then.

Like Obafemi Awolowo, Omo-Agege plans to govern with posterity hugely in focus – no farting, no rigmarole but serious developmental issues birthing turning points will constantly be in the front burner. And who doesn’t know that though long dead, Awolowo yet governs with the foundation, structure and benchmark he left behind in governance in Western Region, even though much of that have been messed up over time. Omo-Agege dreams leaving a tall order behind, a feat that should not only be the talk of the day but that which should be a recurring decimal in discourse on national development, as it was and still is with Awolowo’s feat.

And what is more: He has started tacking everything together, for he must hit the ground running. Of course, he knows, like Simon Sinek, that “vision is a destination, a fixed point to which we focus all effort …” and identifies with Brian Tracy who opines that, “a clear vision, backed by definite plans, gives you a tremendous feeling of confidence and personal power”. So terrible times that PDP in the State has cosigned us to these many years need a navigator who will take us through all thick and thin till we not only get the feel of what the beautiful destination is but actually to be stationed there. This is what Omo-Agege is signing for, the mandate he is seeking.

Delta 2023: In Omo-Agege a Golden Age Beckons

A good captain who knows how the game is played and can lead a team to finish up most brilliantly will be given his due. So, if there is any time to mandate a man who will run well, sustain the good run, this is the time. This is the time to engage a team that will truly buckle down to the business of our commonwealth; time to give the nod to a leader who will selflessly give himself to developing and flying the State; time to say ‘no’ to the furtherance of bizarre outing of the present clique running our affairs as aliens signed up to sapping us to the bone; time for Omo-Agege!

Can we reach that coveted time of reasonable prosperity, great achievement, telling success and soothing satisfaction? Why not! But we must now get the man who can apply himself to productive duty, a man with a select team to pitch in, do the required task ahead and thus walk us to that destination. And Omo-Agege is standing out today, as that man by God’s grace, for until governance represents a paradigm, a model or pattern for others – as Awolowo’s Western Government was,  we really are marking time, which is not good enough though better than this very crazy backward drive in governance we have known these 24 years. .

As preliminary step, he has promised revival of moribund companies, ending substandard roads, establishment of one industry per Local Government Area, addressing housing deficit, construction of bridges; downward review of educational levies, handling issue of teachers shortage, conversion of Sapele Technical College to Polytechnic, establishment of tertiary institution in Ijawland, dredging of the Escravos River; revival of Delta Ports, second Udu Bridge, tackling the perennial flooding in Asaba, judicious use of the 13% Derivation Fund and better deal for oil-bearing communities; creation of ombudsman for farmers and herdsmen to interface, establishment or increased presence of Federal Projects, equitable distribution of allocation and all inclusive government, and the initial list runs ad infinitum. Of course, each nationality in the State is promised a fair share of the huge packages awaiting us.

Still a tip of the iceberg, for as he sees the extent of the rot he is to take over, and goes to the drawing board on that account; laws, policies and moves that will take governance to a far higher realm would be encouraged to redeem a silly and sorry past and usher in an era of marvel. A paradigm shift! But can Omo-Agege deliver as promised? Well, a poser may help you: Can this marquee player in the 8th National Assembly replicate his feat in Delta State as helmsman or can a man who achieved nonsuch administrative feat here in Delta and then overwhelming parliamentary feat at the national level, excel in executive duties as chief executive of his State?

I have well made the point elsewhere to the effect that, as the spider is to spinning a web and the silkworm to spinning a cocoon that rolls out metres of pure silk, so Omo-Agege thinks a governor or leader of men is obligated to ‘spin’ or roll out tangible, overwhelming and soothing results. This he has shown to all and sundry in his present constituency of Delta Central as their Senator. If you dont know he may well be holding a historic record in the National Assembly in constituency reach and touch, impact that is. But the point presently is that such a feat catalyzing replete results of marvel in his present Senatorial District promises a reenactment and much more in Delta State as a whole, with Omo-Agege at the helm of affairs in Asaba.

After all, this rudder of man can only be gearing up to steer the vessel of our Delta State to an incontrovertible haven of dazzling results on all fronts. With huge knack for results, he can only now be stepping out for this chief executive role to replicate invincible runs that are already his way of life, and ‘properties’. What else should inform Workers Body, Pensioners, Retirees and what have you endorsing his candidacy? The same reason you see the rest parties in the State, especially the PDP, drained of membership and streaming to Omo-Agege, the same reason you hear Deltan’s ever increasing melodic tunes and ceaseless growing ovations around Ovie Omo-Agege and his candidature, as we wrote in an earlier piece.  They know, like we say, who the cap fits. And he will soon be on board.

Magna tempus praemisit (Great time ahead).

Igho, a veteran public affairs analyst, wrote via

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