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Police Arrest Man For Impregnating His 13 Year Old House-help

For reportedly impregnating his 13-year-old house help, a middle-aged man only known as Mr. Sunday is currently in police custody in Anambra state.
The source claims that the incident came to light when the teenage girl, who is from the state of Akwa Ibom, gave birth at a hospital in the Adazi-Nnukwu community in the state’s Abaocha Local Government Area and was detained by the hospital management because she was unable to pay her hospital bill because Mr. Sunday abandoned her.
When the state Ministry of Women Affairs and Children’s Welfare inquired about her confinement in the hospital, she told them that she was pregnant by Mr. Sunday, and her guardian added that the same Mr. Sunday was also having a sexual relationship with another seven-year-old girl.
The source added that at this point, the ministry personnel went after Mr. Sunday, detained him, and then handed him over to the police for additional questioning. They also claimed to have retrieved her from the hospital and taken her into safe care.
The ministry’s spokeswoman, Miss Chidimma Ikeanyionwu, confirmed the occurrence and informed reporters that Mr. Sunday began an affair with the adolescent while his wife, simply known as Madam Ghana, left town.
She was also quoted by Ikeanyionwu as stating that she had once complained to Madam Ghana, Mr. Sunday’s wife, about him forcing her to sleep with him after she noticed she was menstruating. However, when it persisted, she was powerless to stop it.
The Commissioner for Women and Children’s Welfare, Mrs. Ify Obinabo, responded to the development by revealing that Mr. Sunday, the offender, had been apprehended and would soon face charges in court.
Obinabo issued a warning that the state government would not accept such immoral behavior and that if enough people engaged in it, the government would make sure they were put behind bars.
She expressed gratitude to individuals who raised the alarm about the abnormality that resulted in the girl’s rescue, noting that it demonstrates that people are growing sensitive to issues of the girl’s child’s being violated.
She also reaffirmed the state government’s commitment to pursuing the case until it makes sense.
“If the suspect is denying guilt, we will keep questioning him until we identify the guilty party.
The girl was actually slept with and placed in the family way, which is completely unacceptable.
So, Obinabo continued, “Whoever it is must be held accountable, and this government is dedicated to achieving that.
The suspect is in police custody, and investigations have started, according to DSP Tochukwu Ikenga, spokesman for the state police.
Ikenga continued, “We have the suspect in our custody, and the inquiry is underway.

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