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UK Nursing Council To Investigate 512 Nigerians For “Fraudulent” Exam Results

It is possible that the registration of 512 nurses and midwives—or around 5%—on the Nursing and Midwifery Council’s record in the UK after passing a computer-based test centre was fraudulent or inaccurate.

This is in accordance with a news release that was published on the NMC website.

The NMC claimed it was writing to them to explain what had happened and inform them that it had begun investigating to see if they had obtained fraudulent or inaccurate registration information.

The NMC administers a Test of Competence to examine applicants from abroad who wish to join its registration.

There are two primary components to this: a computer-based multiple-choice exam known as the CBT, which candidates often take in their home country, and an operational skills evaluation known as the OSCE, which people complete in the UK.

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The CBT is divided into two parts: Part B contains clinical questions for nursing or midwifery, and Part A deals with numeracy.

The CBT is operated by a corporation called Pearson VUE. Since the introduction of the test in 2014, they have served as the NMC’s test vendor.

“Anomalous data” from one of its third-party CBT centres in Ibadan, Nigeria, was reported by Pearson VUE to the authorities.

Data from a single test site in Nigeria are unique and worrisome, according to Andrea Sutcliffe, Chief Executive and Registrar of the NMC. To protect the general public and those who utilize health and care services, we will now adhere to regulatory standards and, if required, we can refuse registration or delete people from our register.

“We are aware that this may worry the general public and service users. Out of the 771,445 professionals on our roster, this affects barely over 500. Before being allowed to join the register, they would all have passed a practical test here in the country, and as of now, no problems have been raised.

“We should keep in mind that thousands of nurses and midwives who received their education abroad have safely joined our register in recent years and are still offering compassionate, effective care throughout the UK.”

1,970 candidates completed their CBT at this centre, according to the NMC, of whom 512 are listed on the NMC register.

It stated that none of the people listed on the record in this group had their fitness to practice called into question.

“However, it goes without saying that the NMC will need to take action if someone entered the register improperly or illegally.

“The NMC avoids any unjust prejudice by conducting inquiries of people in a transparent and neutral manner. It has not yet decided anything regarding any specific people. Individuals will be free to continue working unless the NMC determines there is enough evidence to request an interim suspension order,” it was noted.

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