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Bayelsa’s Flood Crises Worsens As Bodies Float Out Of Cemeteries.

As bodies floated out of a cemetery in the state on Monday, the flood catastrophe in Bayelsa State reached its peak.
The state is one of the most affected in the national catastrophe linked to climate change and drainage system blockages.
The state capital Yenagoa’s Aeroplane Road at Azikoro axis residents expressed concern about the flow of bodies from a nearby cemetery into their neighborhood.
Additionally, they beg the state government to take quick action to avert a public health emergency.
The cemetery’s relocation, according to Emmanuel Oden, a local, is long overdue.
He claimed that instead of the six feet required by law, corpses were frequently buried in shallow graves in the cemetery, measuring about 3 feet deep.
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Ebi Owoupele, a different resident, pleaded with the Bayelsa State Government to recognize the people’s predicament and relocate the cemetery.
In a statewide broadcast on Tuesday, Governor Douye Diri claimed that the flood had damaged crucial infrastructure, including hospitals, roads, bridges, and schools, including the publicly owned Niger Delta University in Amassoma, the Niger Delta University Teaching Hospital in Okolobiri, and the University of Africa in Toru-Orua.
To alleviate the suffering, he appealed for support from international aid organizations, the Federal Government, global corporations, and kindhearted citizens.
“I make this address, Bayelsa State is totally cut off from the rest of the nation,” he said. “Portions of the strategic East-West Road, the only access to and from the state, between Ughelli and Patani in Delta State as well as Okogbe and Ahoada in Rivers State have collapsed with a high volume of flood water occupying the stretch. Food, medical supplies, and energy are now in short supply, causing economic hardship. The predicament is dire and getting worse.
“I want to sincerely thank Mr. President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Muhammadu Buhari, on behalf of the people of Bayelsa for ordering the various federal agencies to travel to the state’s aid. I kindly request that they quickly abide by this presidential direction.
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