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Tom Cruise Makes Plans To Film Movie In Space

Tom Cruise, a well-known American actor, is reportedly in talks to shoot a big-budget motion picture in space.
Donna Langley, the chairman of Universal Films Entertainment Group, disclosed that there are several preparations in place for a spacewalk with Tom.
The majority of the film’s locations, according to Langley, will take place on Earth, but the 60-year-old actor will present the first Hollywood non-Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) designed to stare at space.
The movie executive revealed, “It actually takes place on Earth, and then the character needs to go up to space to rescue the day. We’re going into space with Tom Cruise. He is transporting everyone to space. That is the strategy. By Langley
The director of the upcoming film will be Doug Liman, the man behind “The Bourne Identity.”
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The scheme was first proposed by Liman in 2020, however the epidemic changed the original idea.
One of the top American movie actors, Cruise is known for such blockbusters as Top Gun, Jack Reacher, Mummy, and Mission Impossible.
Tom Cruise is also renowned for pulling off dangerous stunts for his films, including jumping out of skyscrapers and driving into oncoming traffic.
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