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Why Asake Is The Vibe Everyone Listens To

Mr. Money is having a good day right now (right now)
Mr. Money is feeling it at the moment.
I am in God’s hands, there is a God, Osaro, Orobosa.
Olamide Adedeji, a music executive and legendary rapper, introduced a young singer named Asake to the world in his song “Omo Ope” in February 2022.
It was a magnificent announcement to the Afrobeats world with a blockbuster song. The up-and-coming artist Ololade Ahmed would go on to enjoy a wonderful career, which is an astounding accomplishment in the annals of Afrobeats.
Asake has transformed into “Omo Ope” and more in less than seven months. He has a lot to be grateful for and got where he is not by accident but rather by hard work and devotion. In the same year, Asake went from being a budding musician to perhaps the most popular and well-respected musician in Nigeria.
Between Next Rated Artiste and Artiste of the Year in 2022, the quickly ascending superstar is difficult to pin down; in fact, I believe he may be both. I don’t envy the Headies Awards since Asake has won over listeners with an extraordinary string of nonstop hits and great features.
Perhaps even better than Naira Marley’s hit-filled Marlian Movement of 2019, this is a golden run.
Mr. Money With The Vibe, his chart-topping debut album, was released on September 8, 2022, and in a matter of hours it surpassed all other albums in Nigeria.
The album became the African album with the most first-day streams as well as the most opening three-day streams, setting a new record on Apple Music. It also made history by becoming the first album whose entire tracklist appeared in the top 12 on Apple Music Nigeria.
The first album in TurnTable Charts history with seven tracks ranking in the top 10 (On the Chart week dated September 19th, 2022)
The album has the highest debut for a Nigerian album on the Billboard 200, coming in at number 66.
After moving up to the number 2 spot on the Billboard World Album Chart, “Mr. Money With The Vibe” reached a new height.
‘MMWTV’ reached at No. 1 on the UK Albums Chart and at No. 1 on the Apple Music Album Chart in 26 countries, including 6 European nations.
In Asake’s words, “Dem never see me coming,” it is safe to say that no one anticipated the young singer’s current status as Nigeria’s favorite and even a favorite among international music fans.
Asake stands out because his music is difficult to categorize. His music incorporates hip-hop, amapiano, fuji, and other fusions. He also incorporates panegyrics, street hop, and praise singing to produce an enthusiastic chorus. As his CD demonstrated distinction and advancements, he has become accustomed to the criticisms of his direct music tone.
It’s incredible how well Asake can transform street slang and jargon like Trabaye, Omo Ope, Palazzo, and Sungba into ecstatic beats.
As the beat always comes with euphoria and ecstasy, his street slang and Yoruba phrases continue to appeal to all music-listening demographics from around the world. Due to the abundance of hit songs from MagicSticks, who is perhaps the producer of the year, Asake has developed a strong relationship with him. Fans also adore the cinematic videos for songs like Sungba, Bandana, Terminator, and Joha by renowned filmmaker TG Omori.
Because of his vocal skill, the upbeat/party-like chorus, and the incorporation of religious terms into his music, Asake is adored everywhere and on the streets alike.
In the song “Dupe,” he speaks on the importance of praising God and shouting “hallelujah” no matter what is going on in your life.
To express gratitude, use the word “dupe” (Oremi o, dupe, yo kan e oh, Jowo, dupe, yo kan e oh).
You’re not going to go too far today, so shout “Halle”
Some fans particularly enjoy Asake because of the way he incorporates Yoruba dialectical chanting, such as in the movie “Terminator.” K’ajo jokilijo, kilijo, k’emi foh, ki’wo foh
Additionally, quick repetitions
ayy, ayy, ayy, peperi
Peperipe-ipe-‘pe, peperipe
Oh Foforifo, foforifo-ifo-‘fo, Fofori, fofori-fo
It’s amazing how well the singer understands rhymes in different languages. He rhymes with phrases like Sh’owa, T’oba, Durella, Godzilla, Maradona, Coachella, Emmanuela, Waahala, Tropicana, marijuana, Joanna, and Ghana in addition to the dancing feel he conveys in “Joha.”
The theme of Peace Be Unto You (PBUY), which preaches hard effort and celebrates God’s fame, is gratitude to God for his current achievement.
In PBUY, he is dressed as a pastor while the song’s title and chorus celebrate Muslim culture.
Asake also emphasizes the need of working hard by saying, “Padi mi hustle lo, Kodigba ti nba ni ko buckle up,” as opposed to drinking and lazing around. Jogor is a Yoruba slang expression that implies, “To be high or intoxicated with excessive alcohol.”
In Terminator, he utilizes celestial phrases like Malaika and Sultana, speaks Arabic in the opening stanza, and makes an appearance in Bandana Video to repent.
Awake addressed Organize as Sodiq, a Muslim name, and used Ototo slang for white clothing.
He is well known for acknowledging God’s role in his musical career.
He sings: “And I thank the Lord I dey go far” in the song Bandana.
Breaking Record
Bandana, a firecracker single by Fireboy DML with Asake. held onto the top spot as Nigeria’s biggest song for 7 weeks.
Asake released tickets for his debut London performance, which took place on October 3, and they were sold out in less than five minutes.
As a result, Asake announced a new date for the 15th of December, which sold out in a matter of minutes, and another show for the 17th of December, which also sold out in a matter of minutes. He has already sold out three of the 5,000-seat O2 Brixton Hall’s scheduled performances, and a fourth will see him sell out 20,000 tickets, or the capacity of the O2 Arena.
Five of Asake’s songs were the most popular songs in Nigeria in 2022, breaking five records. Omo Ope, Sungba (Remix), PBUY, Bandana, and Terminator are some of his No. 1 singles.
His debut album, Mr. “Money With the Vibe,” is presently dominating charts both domestically and internationally. His initial EP, “Ololade Asake,” pushed him into worldwide recognition.
The album recently made its debut on the Billboard Albums Charts after receiving nearly one million (991,500) listens in Nigeria on the first day of release.
Hit tracks abound on MMWTV, which is also enhanced by guest appearances from American rapper Russ and Grammy Award-winning megastar Burna Boy of Nigeria.
The hit songs “Dull, Terminator, Organise, Peace Be Unto You, Dupe, Muse, Joha, Nzaza, Ototo, Reason Ft. Russ, Sunmomi, and Sungba (Remix) Ft. Burna Boy” are among the album’s twelve tracks.
With great songs like “Omo Ope,” “Sungba,” “Palazzo ft. Spinall,” and many other hits, including collaborations with Afrobeats Legends, Olamide, and Burna Boy, the “Peace Be Unto You” Crooner is enjoying an incredible year and is undoubtedly the music industry’s current rave.
One of the most popular songs in Nigeria right now is Asake’s “Terminator,” which boasts a fast-paced Amapiano-styled groove.
Recently, Terminator overtook “Bandana,” which had previously held the record with 4.48 million streams in its second week, by garnering 6.83 million streams in a single week across all streaming platforms.
Asake owned three of the top four spots for the biggest weeks for any song on Spotify Nigeria during the same week, with “Terminator” at No. 1, “PALAZZO” by Spinall coming in at No. 3 with 492,000 streams in its first week, and “Peace Be Unto You” coming in at No. 4 with 424,000 streams.
The Feel
Everyone listens to Ololade mi Asake now that Mr. Money is the vibe.
He demonstrates to us in Sungba why he is the real deal and thanks God for his blessings in his life.
Mr. Money is having a good day right now (right now)
Mr. Money is feeling it at the moment.
I am in God’s hands, there is a God, Osaro, Orobosa.
Asake, who was signed to YBNL Records by label head Olamide in February 2022, is genuinely “Mr. Money with the Vibe”. His song “Mr Money” cemented his status in the industry, but his breakthrough came in February with the release of the song “Omo Ope,” which featured Olamide and announced his deal.
Everyone was in awe of the chorus master, whose sonorous lines perfectly complemented Olamide’s incredible rap and the outstanding beat created by MagicSticks.
Asake’s singing was melodic and prophetic because the chorus’s phrases are now actually coming true for him.
Moni mofe lo saye Emi Ope Ope o Kin sare lowo ni Gbagbe Mr Money o se Emi Omo Ope o, won sope kin ma lo sule.
Asake is currently the rage thanks to his perseverance and hard effort. Kin ma lo sule- He never gave up or turned around.
Sare(Run)- After only a few months, he has established himself as the wealthy, popular figure.
Omo Ope, a son of glory, has many things for which to be grateful.
Everything for the superstar suddenly changed as the song received raving reviews both domestically and abroad. It became the most popular song in Nigeria and topped all charts for weeks.
Views of the video were likewise very high.
With smash songs including “Sungba, Trabaye, Baba God, and Omo Ope,” his debut EP dominated charts. He embarked on a successful run of hit songs, and his album is currently No. 1 in Nigeria with praise from other countries as well.
YBNL’s illustrious boss, Olamide
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Recently, Asake praised Olamide for everything and for providing him with a stage to display his talent.
“One call from @Olamide and everything changed,” he tweeted.
Asake has joined the ranks of celebrities like Adekunle Gold, Lil Kesh, Fireboy DML, Pheelz, and Young John who rose to popularity because to Olamide.
One of the most popular Nigerian songs of 2022 is Bandana featuring his superstar label mate, Fireboy DML.
Olamide’s YBNL Records and the associated Empire Music Recording/Distribution Deal have provided tremendous assistance, bringing the music of the gifted Asake to both domestic and worldwide audiences.
Rave, How many?
Asake is famous for his incredible singing skill and ability to convey a positive attitude.
As long as Ololade Mr. Money continues to put in the work, the sky is undoubtedly where the music superstar who is currently the talk of the town, the next rated, the best artiste of the year, and the vibe everyone wants to listen to will begin.
Asake is actually Mr. Money at the moment.
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