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Reasons Your Vagina Itch During Your Period

According to VeryWellHealth, the following are the reasons for itching of a female reproductive organ during menstruation;

1. Changes in hormones
The three hormonal phases of the menstrual cycle are follicular, ovulatory, and luteal. The follicular phase will start with your menstruation.
At this period, the uterine lining is extremely thick. Because of low levels of female hormones and progesterone at this time, the uterine lining deteriorates and sheds. This shedding results in bleeding from the reproductive organs.
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Though bleeding only happens between days 3–7, the follicular phase can last up to two weeks. It stops after luteinizing hormone levels reach a certain level. Hormonal changes, particularly low female hormone levels, can occasionally cause itching.
2. Allergies and Sensitivities
You can discover that you have a sensitivity to or allergy to anything that touches your vulva, or female organ, as your period approaches. Sensitivity could cause a rash or itching.
These kinds of products are frequently to fault for itchy genitalia.
softeners for fabrics.
cleaning solutions.
• Soaps.
• Tampons, pads, and any other items required for menstruation.
Evidently, scented cosmetics seem to exacerbate skin sensitivity more so than unscented ones. Therefore, it is advised that people with sensitive skin only use detergents, soaps, and menstrual products that are fragrance-free.
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