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Habits That Can Keep You Up All Night (Insomnia)


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Regardless of how weary you are, your sleep pattern is to blame if you have trouble falling asleep as soon as your head touches the pillow.
Adults typically require seven to nine hours of sleep every night, but those who suffer from insomnia generally have problems sleeping or staying asleep. A few factors that may contribute to sleeplessness are depression, stress, anxiety, caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, and an uncomfortable bed.
Changing your sleeping habits can help you manage insomnia, according to the NHS. Make sure to avoid these sleeping mistakes:
1. Drinking or smoking before bed
You should refrain from smoking, drinking tea before bed, and consuming alcohol. Since these drugs are sedatives, they make it easier to fall asleep quickly but do not provide you a full night’s rest. Eat them before bed if you have to.
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2. Keeping a light on while you sleep
Melatonin is the hormone that causes sleep at night. When in a lighted room, the brain senses daylight, preventing the release of the sleep hormone.
3. Eating before going to bed
Eating just before going to bed is not a good habit. It should be cut back, especially while eating large meals. If necessary, have a lighter dinner before retiring. This is something that insomniacs should be aware of. Your brain becomes clouded, making it difficult to distinguish between sleep and awake.
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