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Elon Musk Offers To Purchase Twitter For The Original Price

Elon Musk, Tesla CEO, according to a financial document has suggested moving forward with a proposal to acquire Twitter for the original price of 44 billion dollars.
The settlement was made in advance of a trial that Twitter plans to request in the Delaware Chancery Court on October 17 in order to get Musk to finalize the 44 billion dollar deal.
Elon Musk proposed to carry out the agreement in a letter to Twitter under the condition that the court postpone the trial and all associated proceedings.
Twitter stated in a statement that it had received the letter and intended to complete the deal at the initial share price suggested by Musk’s group.
Elon Musk revealed the 44 billion dollar purchase of Twitter in April.
Later in May, after requesting information regarding the quantity of spam and false accounts on the social media site, he declared that the purchase was momentarily on pause.
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Musk canceled the agreement in July, accusing the business of hiding facts about the number of spam and phony accounts it had.
Twitter, according to Musk’s attorney, was “in significant breach of many sections” of the contract that was signed in April and did not uphold its commitments under the merger agreement.
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