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5 Health Advantages of Regular Consumption of Pap (Akamu)

Pap is a delectable and filling dish made from fermented maize or corn. According to Healthline, pap is suitable for almost everyone, both young and old, due to its low sugar content and preparation from fermented maize. Depending on your preferences, it tastes best with milk, sugar, or even honey and is quite simple to make.
How to make Pap (eko,akamu,ogi) from scratch | Dobby's Signature
Pap is frequently consumed with bean cake (akara), beans, yam, okpa, bread, puff puff, and other meals. This meal is a favourite in most Nigerian families since it is very light. In this essay, I’ll discuss a few potential drawbacks of regular pap or akamu consumption. They are listed below:
1. It facilitates digestion.
Pap is one of the foods that we have that is simple to digest. Pap expedites urine, which helps your body remove toxins and waste.
2. It keeps the kidneys in good shape.
The human body might suffer catastrophic consequences from a kidney injury because the kidneys are one of the most important bodily functions. If you consume pap as part of a healthy diet, your kidney will function more effectively. Urea, uric acid, pollution, garbage, and other hazardous compounds are just a few of the many things that can impair this crucial organ.
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It controls blood pressure.
Due to its high potassium and low salt content, pap is a healthy diet for people with high blood pressure as well as those who want to maintain or avoid developing hypertension.
4. Suitable for nursing mothers.
Nursing mothers are frequently advised to consume pap for breakfast since it helps them produce more breast milk. It contains a lot of water and other ingredients that help nursing mothers easily produce enough breast milk.
5. A superior source of energy.
Your body needs carbohydrates, which are plentiful in pap, for proper operation. Carbohydrate-rich foods, such as pap, not only give your body energy but also improve brain clarity and speed up metabolism for energy.
Despite its many benefits, pap is still reasonably priced and available from your local markets or shops.
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