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UBA Gets New Female CEO For Africa

The Board of Directors of the United Bank for Africa Plc, Africa’s Global Bank, has announced the appointment of Mrs. Abiola Bawuah as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of UBA Africa.

Bawuah will also join the Group Board as an Executive Director, overseeing the Group’s operations across the African continent, outside Nigeria.

UBA operates in 19 African countries beyond Nigeria, in addition to global operations in New York, London, Paris and the UAE. Bawuah, a Ghanaian national, is the first female CEO of UBA Africa.

The nomination of Mrs. Abiola Bawuah as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of UBA Africa has been announced by the Board of Directors of United Bank for Africa Plc, Africa’s Global Bank.

Bawuah will supervise the Group’s operations outside of Nigeria on the African continent by joining the Group Board as an Executive Director.

In addition to its global operations in New York, London, Paris, and the UAE, UBA also works in 19 other African nations besides Nigeria. Bawuah, a citizen of Ghana, is the organization’s first female CEO.

Her appointment further demonstrates UBA’s commitment to diversity. The UBA Group Board now includes eight female Directors.

Prior to her appointment, Bawuah was Regional CEO, West Africa, supervising the Group’s operations in nine subsidiaries, including Benin, Burkina Faso, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Guinea, Liberia, Mali, Senegal, and Sierra Leone.

She previously held the role of CEO, UBA Ghana. Speaking on the new appointment, the Group Board Chairman, Mr Tony O.

Elumelu said; “Abiola has contributed significantly to the growth of UBA Africa for close to a decade. She brings a wealth of experience in commercial banking and stakeholder engagement.

It also gives me great pleasure that with her appointment, the Bank’s Group Board has now become a majority female board.”

Also, UBA Group announced the following executive roles: Chris Ofikulu – Regional CEO, West Africa. Ofikulu has over two decades of banking experience spanning corporate, commercial, and retail banking. Uzoechina Molokwu: He will take on the role of Deputy Managing Director (DMD) of  Ghana, subject to local regulatory approvals.

He was previously the Executive Director, Business Development –  Côte d’Ivoire and has over 23 years’ banking experience. Ayokunle Olajubu: Ayokunle will be the Managing Director/CEO Liberia, subject to local regulatory approvals.

He currently drives compliance across Africa subsidiaries and comes with 30 years’ banking experience in Nigeria and other African countries, including Sierra Leone, Cote d’Ivoire and the Gambia.

Theresa Henshaw: She has been appointed as CEO of UK, subject to local regulatory approvals. She was previously the DMD, Business Development, UBA America and joined the Group as ED, Business Development at UBA UK.

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Usman Isiaka: He is currently the CEO, UBA Sierra Leone, will be the Deputy CEO of UBA America, subject to local regulatory approvals. Adeyemi Adeleke – Former CEO of UBA, UK is now the Group Treasurer. Adeleke will be working to unlock the immense value in the Group’s multi-jurisdictional balance sheet, leveraging its presence in 24 countries within and beyond Africa.

In addition to the executive appointments, the bank has announced the retirement of High Chief Samuel Oni, an independent non-executive Director, from the Board following the expiration of his tenure.

He joined the UBA Group in January 2015 and served on the Board of the Group for eight years. The Group Chairman, Mr. Elumelu expressed his appreciation to High Chief Oni for his commitment, leadership and extensive contributions to the UBA Group and on behalf of the Board and wished him the very best in all his future endeavours.

For those who those who don’t know, UBA is operating in twenty African countries, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, France and the United Arab Emirates, United Bank for Africa provides retail, commercial and institutional banking services, leading financial inclusion and implementing cutting edge technology.

UBA is one of the largest employers in the financial sector on the African continent, with 25,000 employees group wide and serving over 37 million customers globally.

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